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001.403 ENC
Encyclopedia of research design / edited by Neil J. Salkind.

006.7 CAM
Web design : introductory / Jennifer T. Campbell.

020 KOE
Ethics and values in librarianship : a history / Wallace Koehler.

020.973 KEE
Foundations of library services : an introduction for support staff / Hali R. Keeler.

025.02 RET
Rethinking library technical services : redefining our profession for the future / edited by Mary Beth Weber.

025.0425 DRA
Online searching : a guide to finding quality information efficiently and effectively / Karen Markey.

025.1 CUR
What every library director should know / Susan Carol Curzon.

025.56 REM
Creating online tutorials : a practical guide for librarians / Hannah Gascho Rempel, Maribeth Slebodnik.

028.7071173 NEW
The new information literacy instruction / edited by Patrick Ragains, M. Sandra Wood.

100 ARE
Essays in understanding, 1930-1954 : formation, exile, and totalitarianism / Hannah Arendt edited and with an introduction by Jerome Kohn.

128.3 MAS
Politics of affect / Brian Massumi.

150 THI
30-second psychology : the 50 most thought-provoking psychology theories, each explained in half a minute / editor, Christian Jarrett contributors Vaughan Bell [and others].

155.9042 HAR
Stress, health & well-being : thriving in the 21st century / Rick Harrington.

158.1 EMM
Clear your clutter with Kate Emmerson : live light, live large.

158.2 CAR
How to win friends and influence people / Dale Carnegie.

189.4 COL
Studies in scholasticism / Marcia L. Colish.

300.72 BAB
The practice of social research / Earl Babbie.

302.2 SCH
Humble inquiry : the gentle art of asking instead of telling / Edgar H. Schein.

302.545 BUT
Dispossession : the performative in the political : conversations with Athena Athanasiou / Judith Butler.

303.372 NUS
Creating capabilities : the human development approach / Martha C. Nussbaum.

303.64096 HOO
Black vortex : one man's journey into Africa's wars / Jim Hooper.

304.2 DAV
The birth of the Anthropocene / Jeremy Davies.

305.800968 MCK
Run racist run : journeys into the heart of racism / Eusebius McKaiser.

305.8924 ARE
The Jewish writings / Hannah Arendt edited by Jerome Kohn and Ron H. Feldman.

306.44968 ALE
Interviews with Neville Alexander : the power of languages against the language of power / edited by Brigitta Busch, Lucijan Busch and Karen Press.

306.6094 REL
Religion, rights and secular society : European perspectives / edited by Peter Cumper, Tom Lewis.

306.60973 MCG
Lived religion : faith and practice in everyday life / Meredith B. McGuire.

306.7 MCG
Relationship rescue : don't make excuses! Start repairing your relationship today / Phillip C. McGraw.;"Start repairing your relationship today"

306.76601 MCR
Crip theory : cultural signs of queerness and disability / Robert McRuer foreword by Michael Bérubé.

320.5092 FAN
What Fanon said : a philosophical introduction to his life and thought / Lewis R. Gordon.

320.50968 GIB
Fanonian practices in South Africa : from Steve Biko to Abahlali baseMjondolo / Nigel C. Gibson.

320.580973 PUR
After nature : a politics for the anthropocene / Jedediah Purdy.

320.968 HAR
Rethinking the South African crisis : nationalism, populism, hegemony / Gillian Hart.

322.420968 BRA
Operatie Vula. English;"Operation Vula / Conny Braam."

323.09 JOA
Die Sakralität der Person English;"The sacredness of the person : a new genealogy of human rights / Hans Joas Alex Skinner translator

323.490968 KRO
Country of my skull / Antjie Krog.

331.0968 SOU
South African employment relations : theory and practice / P.S. Nel [and others].

331.702 SCH
Career anchors : the changing nature of work and careers. Self assessment / Edgar H. Schein, John Van Maanen.

333.7 MOO
Capitalism in the web of life : ecology and the accumulation of capital / Jason W. Moore.

338.76100416092 JOB
Steve Jobs : the exclusive biography / Walter Isaacson.

338.9 PAT
Introduction to development studies / B.K. Pattanaik.

339.520954 CHA
Fiscal consolidation, budget deficits and the macroeconomy / Lekha Chakraborty.

340.0711 ACA
Academic learning in law : theoretical positions, teaching experiments and learning experiences / edited by Bart van Klink, Ubaldus de Vries.

340.54 CAM
The Cambridge companion to Roman law / edited by David Johnston.

344.054702854678 CRO
Sexting and young people / Thomas Crofts [and 3 others].

344.6807 SOU
South African Schools Act, 1996; Schools: law and governance : South African Schools Act, 84 of 1996 National Education Policy Act, 27 of 1996 Employment of Educators Act, 76 of 1998 : including regulations & related materials / edited by Juta's St

345.0235 SIK
The justice cascade : how human rights prosecutions are changing world politics / Kathryn Sikkink.

346.0482 GIN
International copyright law : U.S. and E.U. perspectives : text and cases / Jane C. Ginsburg, Edouard Treppoz.

346.68013 VUL
Vulnerable children in South Africa / R. Songca [and others].

346.680664 HEN / QCD 0514
Corporate governance handbook : principles and practice / by John W. Hendrikse and Leigh Hefer-Hendrikse.

347.732634092 SOT
My beloved world / Sonia Sotomayor.

351 PUB
Public administration evolving : from foundations to the future / edited by Mary E. Guy and Marilyn M. Rubin.
Public management and governance / edited by Tony Bovaird, Elke Loeffler.

352.482140973 BUD
Budgeting for local governments and communities / Douglas F. Morgan [and others].

352.6 PUB
Public human resource management : problems and prospects / Richard C. Kearney, Jerrell D. Coggburn, editors.

361 MID
Social welfare for a global era : international perspectives on policy and practice / James Midgley.

361.96 FER
Give a man a fish : reflections on the new politics of distribution / James Ferguson foreword by Thomas Gibson.

362.196979200968 STE
Three-letter plague : a young man's journey through a great epidemic / Jonny Steinberg.

362.196994490092 MAN
When hope whispers : [a true story] / Zoleka Mandela [foreword by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela].

362.401 KAF
Feminist, queer, crip / Alison Kafer.

362.88 WOM
Women and children as victims and offenders: background, prevention, reintegration : suggestions for succeeding generations Volume 2 / Helmut Kury, Slawomir Redo, Evelyn Shea (editors).

363.2092 DEK
A human being died that night : a story of forgiveness / Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, foreword by Albie Sachs.

363.325096 SOL
Terrorism and counter-terrorism in Africa : fighting insurgency from Al Shabab, Ansar Dine and Boko Haram / Hussein Solomon.

363.73874 WAR
Molecular red : theory for the Anthropocene / McKenzie Wark.

364.10609669 ELL
This present darkness : a history of Nigerian organised crime / Stephen Ellis.

364.15230968 JAC
Lolly Jackson : when fantasy becomes reality / Sean Newman, Peter Piegl, and Karyn Maughan.

370.1523 ZAD
Multiple pathways to the student brain : energizing and enhancing instruction / Janet Nay Zadina.

370.1534 TAN
Everyday SEL in elementary school : integrating social-emotional learning and mindfulness into your classroom / Carla Tantillo Philibert.

370.73 TRI / DVD 2121
21st century skills : learning for life in our times / Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel.

370.968 WES / QCD 0516
Facilitating language learning in the foundation phase / Marguerite Wessels.

371.102 OLS
Teaching for success : developing your teacher identity in today's classroom / Brad Olsen.

371.102 WHI
The ten-minute inservice : 40 quick training sessions that build teacher effectiveness / Todd Whitaker, Annette Breaux.

371.2012 WIL
The principalship from A to Z / Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn.

371.20120973 DES
Breakthrough principals : a step-by-step guide to building stronger schools / Jean Desravines, Jaime Aquino, Benjamin Fenton.

371.207 PAR
Turning high-poverty schools into high-performing schools / William H. Parrett, Kathleen M. Budge.

371.251 LAR
Large-class pedagogy : interdisciplinary perspectives for quality higher education / editors, David J. Hornsby, Ruksana Osman, Jacqueline de Matos-Ala.

371.3 HOR
Blended : using disruptive innovation to improve schools / Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker foreword by Clayton M. Christensen.

371.33 WHA
What school leaders need to know about digital technologies and social media / edited by Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann foreword by David Warlick.

371.9046 RIE
How to reach and teach all children in the inclusive classroom, [grades 3-8] : practical strategies, lessons, and activities / Sandra F. Rief, Julie A. Heimburge.

371.90460973 HEH
Effective inclusive schools : designing successful schoolwide programs / Thomas Hehir with Lauren Katzman.

371.9092 HAY
Beautiful child / Torey Hayden.

371.93 GRE
Lost and found : helping behaviorally challenging students (and, while you're at it, all the others) / Ross W. Greene.

372.4 NOW
Now we get it! : boosting comprehension with collaborative strategic reading, [grades 4-12] / Janette Klingner [and others].

372.4 WIL
Raising kids who read : what parents and teachers can do / Daniel T. Willingham.

372.65 WRI
The really useful primary languages book : practical strategies and ideas for enjoyable lessons / Jayne Wright and Alison Taylor.

372.7049 MUS
Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades K-2 / Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla-Berry.

374 ADU
Adult and lifelong education : global, national and local perspectives / edited by Marcella Milana, John Holford and Vida A. Mohorcic Špolar.

374.13 CRA
Planning instruction for adult learners / Patricia Cranton.

375.001 CAR
Teacher empowerment through curriculum development : theory into practice / Arend E Carl.

378.101 ORG
Organizing academic work in higher education : teaching, learning and identities / edited by Liudvika Leiš¡ytè— and Uwe Wilkesmann.

378.125 ADV
Advancing practice in academic development / edited by David Baume and Celia Popovic.

378.125 ASH
Reflective teaching in higher education / Paul Ashwin and David Boud, Kelly Coate, Fiona Hallett [and 7 others].

378.125 BAR
Student engagement techniques : a handbook for college faculty / Elizabeth F. Barkley.

378.125 HAN
A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education : enhancing academic practice / edited by Heather Fry, Steven Ketteridge, Stephanie Marshall.

378.194 INT
An introduction to postgraduate supervision / Laetus O.K. Lategan (editor) Linda de Jager [and others].

378.19810968 NYA
#RhodesMustFall : nibbling at resilient colonialism in South Africa / Francis B. Nyamnjoh.

400 WOR
World philology / edited by Sheldon Pollock, Benjamin A. Elman and Ku-ming Kevin Chang.

418.0071 DOM
Domains and directions in the development of TBLT : a decade of plenaries from the international conference / edited by Martin Bygate.

418.0201 CHE
Memes of translation : the spread of ideas in translation theory / Andrew Chesterman.

428.24 OXF / ACD 0159
Oxford practical teaching : English first additional language : foundation phase, teacher's resource / K. Andrianatos [and others].

510.71 CHI
More trouble with maths : a complete manual to identifying and diagnosing mathematical difficulties / Steve Chinn.

510.71 RES
Research for educational change : transforming researchers' insights into improvement in mathematics teaching and learning / edited by Jill Adler and Anna Sfard.

510.712 MUS
Hands-on math projects with real-life applications, [grades 6-12] / Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla.

510.71273 MUS
Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades 6-8 / Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, and Erin Muschla.
Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades 9-12 / Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla-Berry.

510.76 AND
Purple Comet! math meet : the first ten years / Titu Andreescu, Jonathan Kane.

512.5 SHA
Linear algebra and matrices : topics for a second course / Helene Shapiro.

516.2 LOU
Problem-solving and selected topics in Euclidean geometry : in the spirit of the Mathematical Olympiads / Sotirios E. Louridas, Michael Th. Rassias foreword by Michael H. Freedman.

519.5071 PYR
Making sense of statistics : a conceptual overview / Fred Pyrczak.

530.155353 LID
Wu li xue yu pian wei fen fang cheng. English;"Physics and partial differential equations. Volume II / Tatsien Li Tiehu Qin translated by Yachun Li.

540.78 HER
Hands-on chemistry activities with real-life applications / Norman Herr, James Cunningham.

547 MCM
Organic chemistry / John McMurry.

572.4729 SAN
Root and microbial respiration in soils. : a review / Marìa del Carmen Santa-Regina, Ignacio Santa-Regina.

579.01570285 BIO
Bioinformatics and data analysis in microbiology / edited Özlem Tastan Bishop.

592 BRU
Invertebrates / Richard C. Brusca, Wendy Moore, Stephen M. Shuster.

599.769509798 EST
Serendipity : an ecologist's quest to understand nature / James A. Estes.

610.72 EPS
Inclusion : the politics of difference in medical research / Steven Epstein.

612.86 JAR
Great myths of the brain / Christian Jarrett.

613.69092 ARC
Alone, the search for Brett Archibald / [Brett Archibald CB, ghostwriter Alison Lowry, editor].

615.781 SCA
Drugs in anaesthesia and intensive care / Edward Scarth, Susan Smith.

616.853 ENG
Seizures and epilepsy / Jerome Engel Jr.

616.8583 LGB
The LGBT casebook / edited by Petros Levounis, Jack Drescher, Mary E. Barber.

616.91075 LEN
Lennette's laboratory diagnosis of viral infections / edited by Keith R. Jerome.

617.0754 BRO
Browse's introduction to the symptoms & signs of surgical disease / edited by Kevin G. Burnand [and three others] emeritus editor, Norman L. Browse.

617.55059 MAI
Maingot's abdominal operations / editors, Michael J. Zinner, Stanley W. Ashley.

617.96 ALS
Essentials of anaesthetic equipment / Baha Al-Shaikh, Simon Stacey.

617.96 CRO
Physics, pharmacology, and physiology for anaesthetists : key concepts for the FRCA / Matthew E. Cross, Emma V.E. Plunkett foreword to the second editi0n by Peter Hutton.

650.1 HAR
Career management & work-life integration : using self-assessment to navigate contemporary careers / Brad Harrington, Douglas T. Hall.

657.834 KAL
Legal accounting / Sheeda Kalideen, Lester Sullivan.

658.4092 PRE
In the driving seat : lessons in leadership / Brand Pretorius.

658.8 PIT
Marketing for managers : a practical approach / L.F. Pitt and C. Boshoff.

701.03 ICO
Iconoclasm : contested objects, contested terms / edited by Stacy Boldrick and Richard Clay.

709.032 RET
Rethinking the Baroque / edited by Helen Hills.

720.1 MEI
De la forme au lieu. English;"Elements of architecture : from form to place + tectonics / Pierre von Meiss translated from the French by Theo Hakola."

741.569 HER
Les personnages de Tintin dans l'histoire : les événements de 1930 à 1986 qui ont inspiré l'oeuvre d'Hergé.

758.4209493 MER
Seventeenth-century Flemish garland paintings : still life, vision, and the devotional image / Susan Merriam.

759.9492 DUM
Marlene Dumas : the image as burden / edited by Leontine Coelewij, Helen Sainsbury and Theodora Vischer.

781.630968 LIR DVD 2122
Lira - making herstory : a decade of achievement / Lira with Clyde Meela & Robin C. Kohl foreword by Hugh Masekela.

790.1922 SHE
The whole spectrum of social, motor, and sensory games : using every child's natural love of play to enhance key skills and promote inclusion / Barbara Sher with Karen Beardsley, illustrations by Ralph Butler.

791.430968 NIE
Daar doer in die fliek : 'n persoonlike blik op die geskiedenis van die Afrikaanse rolprent / Leon van Nierop.

796.4220873092 PIS
Blade runner : my story / Oscar Pistorius.

808.02 LOU
Scientific writing skills : guidelines for writing theses and dissertations/ Amanda Lourens with referencing methods by Laetitia Bedeker.

809 ROI
The violet hour : great writers at the end / Katie Roiphe.

814.54 DID
The year of magical thinking / Joan Didion.

822.914 AID
The dilemma of a ghost Anowa : two plays / Ama Ata Aidoo.

823 AMI
The zone of interest : a novel / Martin Amis.

823 CAN
The trouble with goats and sheep / Joanna Cannon.

823 FLE
On the other side / Carrie Hope Fletcher.

823 GIB
The peripheral / William Gibson.

823 IRO
No thanks! I'm quite happy standing! / Virginia Ironside.

823 NIC
Us : a novel / David Nicholls.

823 ROW
The cuckoo's calling / Robert Galbraith [pseudonym for J.K. Rowling]
Lily and the octopus / Steven Rowley.

823 SMI
16mm of innocence / Quentin Smith.
Huber's tattoo / Quentin Smith.
The secret anatomy of candles / Quentin Smith.

823 UNG
Ink and bone / Lisa Unger.

823 YUN
Shelter / Jung Yun.

823.914 COU
The power of one / Bryce Courtenay.

828.993533 ROY
The god of small things / Arundhati Roy.

828.993623 MDA
Our Lady of Benoni / Zakes Mda introduction by Sarah Roberts.

828.993633 COE
Age of iron / J.M. Coetzee.
Life & times of Michael K / J.M. Coetzee.
Waiting for the barbarians / J.M. Coetzee.

828.993633 GOR
Burger's daughter / Nadine Gordimer.
My son's story / Nadine Gordimer.

828.993633 MDA
Rachel's blue / Zakes Mda.
Cion : a novel / Zakes Mda.

828.993633 MPE
Welcome to our Hillbrow / Phaswane Mpe.

828.993633 NDE
The cry of Winnie Mandela : a novel / Njabulo S. Ndebele.
Fools & other stories / by Njabulo S. Ndebele.

828.993633 SER
To every birth its blood / Mongane Serote.

828.993634 BEU
Zoo city / Lauren Beukes.
The shining girls / Lauren Beukes.

828.993634 BOF
Tracer / Rob Boffard.

828.993634 MOL
Holding my breath : a memoir / Ace Moloi.

828.993634 NTS
The reactive / Masande Ntshanga.

828.993634 STR
The raft / Fred Strydom.

828.993634 TON
This one time : a novel / Alex van Tonder.

839.3635 HEE
Toorberg. English;"Ancestral voices / Etienne van Heerden

839.3635 SCH
Vatmaar. English;"A place called Vatmaar : a living story of a time that is no more / A. H. M. Scholtz translated by Chris van Wyk."

843.92 MWA
Tram 83. English;"Tram 83 / Fiston Mwanza Mujila translated from the French by Roland Glasser foreword by Alain Mabanckou."

896.398531 JOR
Ingqumbo yeminyanya. English;"The wrath of the ancestors / A.C. Jordan translated from the original Xhosa by the author with the help of Priscilla P. Jordan."

910.71268 COL
Ken & verstaan geografie. Graad 10, Onderwysersgids / Helen Collett, Norma Winearls, Caron Olivier.

917.9 STR
Wild : a journey from lost to found / Cheryl Strayed.

920.72 WIL
I belong to no one / Gwen Wilson.

940.536 AFR
Africa and World War II / edited by Judith A. Byfield, Carolyn A. Brown, Timothy Parsons and [1 other].

960 PRO
Prominent African leaders since independence / Bridgette Kasuka, editor.

960.331 BLO
Continental shift : a journey into Africa's changing fortunes / Kevin Bloom & Richard Poplak.

967.3042 PEA
Political identity and conflict in Central Angola, 1975-2002 / Justin Pearce.

968.06092 ASM
Kader Asmal : politics in my blood : a memoir / by Kader Asmal and Adrian Hadland with Moira Levy.

968.06092 MAL
My traitor's heart : blood and bad dreams : a South African explores the madness in his country, his tribe and himself / Rian Malan.

968.065092 MAN
A prisoner in the garden : opening Nelson Mandela's prison archive.

968.066 POT
The Mbeki legacy / Brian Pottinger.

968.47 STE
Midlands / Jonny Steinberg.

968.71 MES
Forgotten but not buried / Aäron Martin William Messelaar.

968.9105 PIL
The unbearable whiteness of being : farmers' voices from Zimbabwe / Rory Pilosoff.

973.932092 OBA
Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance / Barack Obama.

DVD 2119
How Darwin got it wrong [videorecording] : 7 major points and it was not just about science / John Sanford producer/director, Bob Lauro.

DVD 2120
O'mang : who are you? / a Media Peace Centre project produced and directed by Björn Rudner.

7 ways to transform the lives of wounded students [electronic resource] / Joe Hendershott.
After the crisis [electronic resource] : anthropological thought, neoliberalism and the aftermath / edited by James G. Carrier.
Between the rainbows and the rain [electronic resource] : Marikana, migration, mining and the crisis of modern South Africa / Philip Frankel.
Bioprocess engineering [electronic resource] : an introductory engineering and life science approach / Kim Gail Clarke.
Child psychology [electronic resource] : a handbook of contemporary issues / [edited] by Lawrence Balter and Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda.
Coleoptera, beetles [electronic resource] Volume 3, Morphology and systematics (Phytophaga) / Richard A.B. Leschen, Rolf G. Beutel (volume editors).
Cultural anthropology [electronic resource] : global forces, local lives / Jack David Eller.
Customer-centric marketing [electronic resource] : build relationships, creating advocates and influence your consumers / Aldo Cundari.
Depression in children and adolescents [electronic resource] / edited by Harold S. Koplewicz and Emily Klass.
Digital disciplines [electronic resource] : attaining market leadership via the cloud, big data, social, mobile, and the internet of things / Joe Weinman.
Drawing fire [electronic resource] : investigating the accusations of apartheid in Israel / Benjamin Pogrund.
Ecoimmunology [electronic resource] / edited by Gregory E. Demas and Randy J. Nelson.
Evolutionary psychiatry [electronic resource]: a new beginning / Anthony Stevens and John Price.
Gender and the political economy of conflict in Africa : the persistence of violence / Meredeth Turshen.
The handbook of language and globalization [electronic resource] / edited by Nikolas Coupland.
Handbook of motivation at school / edited by Kathryn R. Wentzel and David B. Miele.
High-pressure microbiology [electronic resource] / edited by Chris Michiels, Douglas H. Bartlett, Abram Aertsen.
Higher education in the twenty-first century II [electronic resource] / editors, Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj, Wajeeh Elali, E.H. Twizell.
Hiring the best staff for your school [electronic resource] : how to use narrative to improve your recruiting process / Rick Jetter.
Homer [electronic resource] / Jonathan S. Burgess.
Marketing strategy for the creative and cultural industries / Bonita M. Kolb.
The politics-administration dichotomy [electronic resource] : toward a constitutional perspective / Patrick Overeem.
Post-conflict reconstruction and development in Africa [electronic resource] : concepts, role-players, policy and practice / edited by Theo Neethling and Heidi Hudson.
Postgraduate haematology [electronic resource] / edited by A. Victor Hoffbrand [and others].
The psychology of group aggression [electronic resource] / Arnold P. Goldstein.
Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy and materials sciences [electronic resource] / editors, Grant S. Henderson, Daniel R. Neuville, Robert T. Downs.
Strategy in practice [electronic resource] : a practitioner's guide to strategic thinking / George Tovstiga.
Towards impact and resilience [electronic resource] : transformative change in and through agricultural education and training in sub-Saharan Africa / edited by Frans Swanepoel, Zenda Ofir, and Aldo Stroebel, foreword by Monty Jones.
The working classes and higher education [electronic resource] : inequality of access, opportunity and outcome / edited by Amy Stich and Carrie Freie.
Writing for publication [electronic resource] / Debbie Epstein, Jane Kenway, Rebecca Boden.
The yeasts [electronic resource] : a taxonomic study / edited by C.P. Kurtzman, J.W. Fell, Teun Boekhout.

QDVD 0218
The matrix videorecording / Village Roadshow Productions Groucho II Film Partnership Silver Pictures produced by Joel Silver written and directed by the Wachowski brothers.